Make Space Method

The Make Space Method is a systematic process to remove what you don't want or need in your life to have more SPACE for what you do want.  Have you heard about the Minimalist Movement?  The Make Space Method is minimalism for REAL LIFE! 

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What it's NOT!

The Make Space Method is NOT about making your home an Ikea catalogue or purging all your belongings to live like a monk!  Yes we do purge "things" and other non-things from our life that isn't aligned with our vision and mission...but don't worry your walls won't be totally empty!


Mindset and Filters

In the Make Space Method we create filters based on your vision of what you want in life.  You change your mindset on what comes into your life that take up your precious space - physical, mental and time!


More of what you want!

To get more of what you want in life you first have to make room for it.  Through the Make Space Method you will evaluate what's in your life now, purge, change your mindset, establish your vision for your life, create filters and enjoy what brings you joy!