Lead Magnet Idea Generator:

  1. Case Study: Share what's worked for others.  Tell their story of transformation.  This is a social motivator for others.
  2. A Challenge: People are motivated by completion (even when there's only yourself to compete against)!  Have a start and end date, then you provide the tools to support their transformation.  This reinforces your connection to your audience and is valuable because you helped them get a WIN!
  3. Email or Mini-Course:  This can be tied in to the Challenge above or a stand alone course to help spotlight the value you provide and support their transformation.  You don't give a way the farm for free, just offer a sampling to get them started.  The course could be an info course, a prerequisite to you main course, or a quick how to.
  4.  Checklist: Break down the process for them and give them a simple, step-by-step list.
  5. Worksheet: Ask some thought provoking questions and let them fill in the blanks.
  6. List of tools or resources: Are you in the know?  Share your little black book with your audience.  This is also a great way to build affiliates through referrals.  This is valuable because you have already done the research and your audience can just get to work from your list.
  7. Self-Assessment: Put your experience to work for them.  Make a list of assessment questions (top issues or successes you've seen in your experience) then put a score by each - such as Red, Yellow, Green or a number scoring like 1,2,3 or sometimes, always, never.  When they realize they need help, they will call you! 
  8. Starter Tool Kit: Have lots of great info to share and like making worksheets, than a workbook is for you. 
  9. Report: Is your audience interested in stats and data?  Do you have expert info to share?  This is a great way to do it. 
  10. Webinar: Offer a special invitation for an online training or event just for your audience.  There are a number of Free webinar hosting companies online so it's easy and cost effective way to have a personal connection with your audience.   
  11. There are MANY MORE Lead Magnets - Stay tuned, a Free Course is in the works to help you choose what's best for you and your audience!

When you use a combination of the above you add tremendous value to your audience.  Please do business with those they know, like and trust.  What a better way to build a relationship that providing them real value to start their transformations. Don't throw them all out there at once though, build a strategic drip method to keep your audience interested and continue to build the relationship.

Note:  Did you notice Newsletter is NOT on the list.....Kudos if you have been doing a lead magnet like that but please bring your lead magnet into this century!