Are you ready to create & market your online offering? 

If you're ready to get started, but not sure how to do it - or don't want to spend your time doing it -
let me do the heavy lifting!  


Landing Pages  

Landing pages provide specific information about an offering or event to a specific audience.  Typically a landing page is a way for you to "start a conversation or relationship" with your ideal client or student.  You provide them a valuable gift to download in exchange for their email address.  Then you can continue to build a relationship with them.  

I'll create your landing page(s) including images that speak to your ideal client and reflect the valuble offering you've created.  The page may include elements such as count down timers, testimonials, your bio, and other informational pieces to convey authority and build trust. 



Integrations are like the classic game of Tetris, each piece has to fit perfectly with the others to have success.  This can be very overwhelming and confusing at times, and honestly you should be spending your time with clients - not on tech support!

Allow me to get all your pieces to fit (and work) properly.  For example, you run an ad on Facebook, your ideal client clicks the link and goes to your landing page, then like your offering and click Download.  The box pops up asking for their email they click submit.  Then the magic happens!  An email is sent to them with the document they requested.  The next day another email with valuable content is emailed.  After a few emails over a period of time, they are sent info on your new eBook, they buy it, money is deposited into your account and it's delivered to them.......and you didn't have to click send on any of these emails!   That is the power of integration and automation...  



What I described above is an exam of an email automation sequence.  You build it once, set it and forget it!  Ok, maybe not forget it, but you don't have to remember to keep emailing your current and potential clients.  Email automation is one of many ways to continue to build your relationship with your clients (or soon to be clients) & generate income.  Here are some more: dynamic websites, segmentation surveys, membership programs, evergreen courses, affiliate programs, joint ventures....the list goes on!